Master Spring and Spring Boot in 3 weeks. Remotely.

Build a real-world Spring project throughout a structured online course. Get daily code reviews and feedback from your mentor.

Your Spring courses are clear and concise and, I believe, still the best I've seen.

Brent Sullivan - Developer @ Zillowgroup

What You Learn

1. Plain Java

Learning Spring starts with building a solid foundation in certain areas of Java and that’s the goal of week 1. You will build the first version of your course project this week, which is a URL shortener like

  • Covers Java 12
  • How to write very simple web sites with plain Java and embedded servlet containers (Tomcat)
  • How to do modern database access with Java and JDBC
  • How to handle different property configuration files and environments with Java
  • How to architect and test simple Java web applications

2. Spring Skills

Getting a solid understanding of Spring is the goal of week 2. You will build the second version of your URL shortener, this time using Spring, instead of plain Java APIs.

  • Covers the latest Spring 5.1.x
  • How dependency injection works with Spring (ApplicationContexts, Beans etc.)
  • How to write web sites (HTML) and web services/REST apis (JSON/XML) with Spring
  • How to access databases with Spring APIs
  • How to use Spring abstractions for properties, environments and the Spring Expression language
  • How to write integration tests for your Spring applications

3. Spring Boot

Really understanding Spring Boot is only possible after understanding Spring. In week 3 you will therefore rewrite your application once more, this time using Spring Boot.

  • Covers the latest Spring Boot 2.2.x
  • What are Spring Boot’s AutoConfigurations and how do they work in detail?
  • How to access databases with Spring Boot and Spring Data
  • How to work with Spring Boot in Production: Configuration, Monitoring, Health-Checks, Deployments

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Who is this course for?

Java Sophomores

Developers, who have intermediate Java skills, but have not yet had the chance to work with Spring or Spring Boot.

Spring (Boot) Maintenance Developers

Developers, who mainly enhanced and maintained existing Spring code as opposed to writing new Spring (Boot) applications from scratch

Programming Language Expats

Developers, who are coming from other programming languages, such as (but not limited to) PHP, Ruby or Javascript.

How does this course work?

1. Learn

You can structure every course day the way you like. You will learn from text and video lessons, at your own pace and at the time that works best for you.

2. Do It Yourself

You will build a URL shortener from scratch. More specifically, three different versions of it: A plain Java version. A plain Spring version. A Spring Boot version.

3. Code Review & Feedback

Every day there's two office hour slots during which you will get live feedback from your instructor, via Slack.

This course is divided into 15 separate days, or roughly 3 weeks. Each day covers a specific topic, for example: "Accessing databases with Spring'.

You will need to spend 2-4 hours per day for these three weeks.

Have specific questions? Unsure if this course is right for you? Send us an email to hop on a call with us.

Course Fee

One-time payment. Excluding VAT for EU businesses.

Well Rounded: Spring
  • Covers plain Java, Spring & Spring Boot
  • 3 weeks from zero to production-ready project
  • Live Slack-Support during office hours

Meet the Team

Our team will be your mentor during the daily office hours.

We worked in various Spring projects across the last decade, from small three-man projects, to the largest one being 18 Scrum teams, with hundreds of developers. Across a variety of industries, from medium-sized custom CRM systems to huge FinTech (Financial Technology) or IoT (Internet Of Things) systems.

You will be learning from developers who saw everything they teach you being battle-tested in the real-world.

Marco Behler


Marco is working in Java & Spring projects as a consultant to DAX 30 companies. He also runs a popular Java screencasting site, as well as Java programming Youtube channel, where you can learn about Java & Spring frameworks, tools & skills.

Previously he worked in different Java projects of all sizes, from small agencies, medium-sized businesses and huge, international corporations.

Ben Horsfield

Senior Instructor

Lately, Ben has been working in large-scale, IoT heavy projects that use Spring (Boot) as their basis for microservice-heavy architectures. He has been battling, among many things, with debugging and tracing calls that span a dozen network services.

Andreas Eisele

Senior Instructor

Andreas has been working in fintech companies over the last couple of years, battling, among many things, with legacy, cyclic-dependent Spring configurations that mix everything from XML to Annotations across hundreds of files.

Course Dates

The next cohorts start:

Batch Date Availability Apply By
October 14th - November 1st - Applications closing soon - 30th of September
November 18th - December 6th - Soon open for applications - -

Office Hours

10:00 - 11:30 GMT ( - in )

17:00 - 18:00 GMT ( - in )

Being available during office hours isn't required, but recommended. During these hours we provide hands-on feedback.

If you're unsure if your schedule will work, hop on a call with us, and we'll tell you.

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